Mio Sota
and the
Creative Team

Team: /tēm/ noun By definition ‘team’ is a word used to encompass a group, but to us it means so much more than that. A team is creative. A team is passionate.
A team is powerful.

What does it mean to you?



One Day: Look & Learn

A one day crash course on all things editorial and beauty. Learn the difference between a
beauty shot and an editorial shot while watching the team come together for one ultimate goal;
bringing a concept to life.
Want to take it further? Check out the two day class!


Two Day: Hands-on

You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to develop your expertise. Learn how to create a storyboard and bring it to life using lighting, angles, makeup and wardrobe. Get tips from the team to capture and select the perfect shot. In this hands-on course, you are in control of your own concept and the elements needed to bring it to life. Work on a model of your own and leave with a photo to showcase your new skill set!

The Team


Mio Sota


- TRIO Salon

2017 winner of NAHA’s Hairstylist of the Year award, she is no stranger to creative
expression. Never a dull moment for her, she keeps us all guessing what she’s going to do next while educating the next generation of stylists. Her humble character keeps things professional, but exciting at all times.


Melissa Musseau


- Paul Rehder


She is a true creative spirit with a backround in fine arts and animation. After 15 years in the industry, she has her artistry in makeup down to a science. It’s no secret that Melissa’s work is pure magic.

Joanna Barrera


- Mane Refinery Salon

Sassoon trained in cut and color, she has spent 14 years with the company and has since opened Mane Refinery Salon and is further creating new looks as a senior stylist. Her sweet yet sassy persona brings in an element of glamour to the team.


noAmy the Photographer


After a decade in front of the camera, noAmy has stepped to the other side of
things. Working around the clock to bring you something new as often as possible, noAmy’s
rebellious style always keeps the dynamic fresh.


July 14, 15

September 15, 16


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